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WIP - Untitled Fantasy Character :iconx-oceansindays:x-OceansInDays 0 0
untitled no. 3
I chose you.
I must have been
back then, too.
:iconx-oceansindays:x-OceansInDays 3 0
untitled no. 2
your scent decays
on my skin.
it means nothing
like it used to.
:iconx-oceansindays:x-OceansInDays 2 0
untitled no. 1
i set the world on fire
                     to get a spark in yours.
you let me burn.
:iconx-oceansindays:x-OceansInDays 3 2
Paces Over the Heart
it took
for my heart to be
by you.
i haven’t fixed it
because your steps
turned to
and i can’t keep up.
:iconx-oceansindays:x-OceansInDays 2 0
When The Sun Went Down
Her laugh
was almost as bitter
as the booze
in her hand.
She should have known
that when he left it all
his tomorrow came
before the sun went down.
And when the sun did
                    go down,
                            she knew
                                    that her love
                                                 didn't matter
                                                               at all.
:iconx-oceansindays:x-OceansInDays 2 0
Until Next Time
He says
so easily
      and I
that "until next time"
                    wasn't meant
:iconx-oceansindays:x-OceansInDays 4 7
I'll Fight For You, Baby - Space Dandy x Reader
A sputter, a groan, and a curse to the galaxy heavens rattled the walls of the Aloha Oe. Traveling mid-space was a down right awful place to run out of gas. If one was oh so fortunate to experience such a thing, panic would usually set in, especially upon realizing how truly vast the galaxies were. It was easy to feel insignificant, puny, and more alone than a person ever had the capacity to feel in their lifetime. Yes, it was true. Even more so if they were the only miserable person on the ship. Today, however, was not the day for such sensations and emotional experiences. No way in hell.
More curses of frustration were grumbled and hissed as the search for spare gas began.
"Of course we can never keep the freaking gas in one spot," a female voice chided in agitation and sarcasm.
The source of criticism came from you. A young woman with an astonishing small patience capacity, this particular day would call for grounds to say it was non-existent for you. It was alm
:iconx-oceansindays:x-OceansInDays 202 59


Let the Fall Make You Stronger.
"Hey! Are you all right?"
"Sure, why wouldn't I be?"
"Um...because you just fell from the roof of the hou-"
"See, that's where you're wrong. I didn't fall. The floor challenged me and I accepted."
"And how did that go for you?"
"The floor won. But only because it had the advantage."
"Of being non sentient and vast in size, along with the fact that there is a freaking storm out!!"
"Nope. I just attacked from the wrong position."
"I overestimated my skills."
"I'll say. You're bleeding!"
"Only a little. Ask me again."
"If I'm fine."
"Are you?"
"Is it because you're bleeding?"
"You're supposed to ask 'Why'."
"God, you're so bloody difficult!"
"But cute. Just ask."
"Oh for-Why?"
"Because this world we live in, it gives us these dreams, you see. These great big beautiful colourful galaxies in our heads of ideas, thoughts and empathetic conclusions to our fellow humans. Our brain tells us, go on, be curious, make those mistakes.
:iconuntamedunwanted:UntamedUnwanted 1,030 192
Beyond Love
You say 'beautiful' like a mistake -
like it slipped out unwarranted
from those dark parts of your mind
that you don't want me to go to,
you say it like that.
You caress like it's worship -
like if you pressed too hard
or took too much, you'd pay the price
and I love those urgent times when
you're willing to pay it.
You teach me love like I'll die without it -
like if you don't defrost me
and my frozen image of myself,
then I might stop breathing
and extinguish beneath my own icy damnation.
You kiss me like you have to -
like we're sharing an oxygen tank
in a toxic, broken-down universe
and you are trying not to breathe
to save me.
You kiss me like that.
You love me, like that -
how am I supposed to resist
a man who loves me beyond his own sense
and senses - beyond love ?
:iconpoetryod:PoetryOD 89 28
kill it with fire / jean x reader
JEAN!” she screamed. No answer.
“JEAN!” she tried again, her voice cracking. A low whimper came from her as her eyes glanced over to the intruder. Her heart stopped momentarily when they began to draw closer to her cowering form. Instinctively she drew back until her back hit the wall. The feeling of helplessness was overwhelming and, for an instant, she thought it was all over.
Good-bye cruel world…
Her savior, hopefully, she thought as she turned to him with puffy, red eyes. She could see the alarm in his honey-golden eyes and wondered if he was too terrified himself to do anything. But the brunet, it appeared, seemed to completely bypass the danger and began to take a step forward.
Her plea made him freeze in his tracks. With a disgruntled look, he sighed, “What the hell is going on?” But instead of an answer, she pointed toward the counter. His eyes followed
:iconblue--ribbons:blue--ribbons 180 33
Steampunk Fashion: Use of Color Theory and Metals :iconwindthin:Windthin 746 48 mermaid :icon0aqua-mermaid0:0Aqua-Mermaid0 1,262 57 Hand Painted Mug :iconartisvast:artisvast 11 5
show me. levi ackerman
"Je t'aime."
You tilted your head in confusion as the man unexpectedly spoke his native language to you. His tone was softer, less flat. The words rolled off his tongue so smoothly that it calmed you, yet it sent visible goosebumps to your skin.
"The time?" You asked, perplexed.
Pinching the bridge of his nose, the Corporal let out a gruff sigh and leaned against the wall as he crossed his arms. The man knew you weren't going to understand the words he effortlessly spoke, but had expected a less naive reaction.
You frowned. "Come on! What does it mean?"
"Doesn't matter." He brushed his jet black hair out of his eyes.
"Say it again." You cupped your cheeks and closed your eyes, waiting for Levi to repeat the foreign words to you.
He replied with a grimace and scrunched his brows in irritation. 
You were the only person he let himself love. It was wrong, he knew. Falling in love, knowing he'll lose you; just like he lost everything. But he promised himself to protect you, to not let
:iconmiintbun:miintbun 636 94
you scraped your
lips against my hand,
pretending to the man
you could never be.
:iconatlantic-lungs:atlantic-lungs 15 10
Dazzling and Untempered :iconcarriezona:carriezona 4,620 376
do you remember?
you and me holding hands, so in love at the start..
you and me in the wind  on  a  swing at the park..
on  my  knee  with a ring,  oh  we hugged and we smiled..
life was good; now it's great, or was I just in denial?
'cause we fought, then we cried; and we broke, then we lied..
now  you're  gone  and  I'm  lost  feeling  so  weak inside..
so I ask: could we be — after all we have seen —
still in love, yet broke up; somewhere trapped in between?
I don't know, you're still gone; time has passed, nights are long..
here's to you   —  here's goodbye  —   as to you I gift this song..
:iconxblackwater:xblackwater 452 90




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Miss D. Viv
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
twenty years young and
caught between
amazing and
what the fuck.
survived total heartbreak
and waiting to write
i love you
to another pool soul.


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