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A sputter, a groan, and a curse to the galaxy heavens rattled the walls of the Aloha Oe. Traveling mid-space was a down right awful place to run out of gas. If one was oh so fortunate to experience such a thing, panic would usually set in, especially upon realizing how truly vast the galaxies were. It was easy to feel insignificant, puny, and more alone than a person ever had the capacity to feel in their lifetime. Yes, it was true. Even more so if they were the only miserable person on the ship. Today, however, was not the day for such sensations and emotional experiences. No way in hell.

More curses of frustration were grumbled and hissed as the search for spare gas began.

"Of course we can never keep the freaking gas in one spot," a female voice chided in agitation and sarcasm.

The source of criticism came from you. A young woman with an astonishing small patience capacity, this particular day would call for grounds to say it was non-existent for you. It was almost comical how things had played out earlier that afternoon and morning. First it was an almost inhumanely cold shower that left your teeth chattering. Then that was followed by navigating the narrow trails that wound themselves through hills of trash. It wouldn't seem so bad, but considering the fact that you had surprisingly poor balance it was a task you need to concentrate on. For if you fell into the piles of trash - which you were sure were developing a nervous system by now - your poor self would never be heard from again! And then what would the colorful crew of the Aloha Oe do? You basically kept the ship running - aside from Qt's much needed expertise in the engineering department which you knew next to knowing about. And the space gods knew that skill was needed since it seemed that everyday something was going wrong with the ship. Like today, for instance. Anyways, what really made the day take a turn for the worse was Dandy's declaration that you be the one to go get supplies for the ship. Food, gear, hair cetera.

"Oh, and keep a look out for any rare aliens, while you're at it," He added so non-nonchalantly. It was almost insulting the way he just spewed out his decree to you, as if you were a slave to his wishes. In his fantasies, maybe. (That was something you refused to think about. It was a place you could never return from. You could almost feel the vacuum of perversion sucking you in as you shuddered...)But you did as he asked. You sneered at the thought of living in such a less-than-adequate  state if you didn't do it. It still pained you to know that Dandy, Meow, and QT were wasting time at Boobies, none the less.

Tch, fine. Leave me to do the all of the work...Whatever. I'll just "forget" to get your precious hair gel, Mr. Space Dandy, you thought with a smirk. You remembered the last time you forget his hair gel. Granted it was by accident, but you would never forget the drama and the absolute childishness that ensued. You would think that he just discovered that he was dying. Then again, without his signature pompadour hairstyle to compliment his "ruggedly handsome face" how was he supposed to pick up chicks?! It was literally the end of the world as he knew it. But if you were being completely honest, you liked it when his hair was down and shaggy. Not that your opinion mattered, though.

Eventually you found some spare gas. It wasn't a lot, but it would get you to Boobies. You needed to find QT and tell the sweet little robot that more was needed. With a sigh you flopped down into the pilot's chair and set off for the breastaraunt. At least the day was almost over.



You smiled a little and waved at the cheery waitress. "Hey, Honey. Have you seen Dandy and the others?"

She smiled and pointed to her left. "They're over there! They've sure eaten a lot today! Are they always like that?"

"Well they eat here most of the time, so you would know better than I would," You said, peering over different species of alien's shoulders. You could barely make out Dandy's pompadour.

"Oh, I guess you're right. Hey, when are you going to come and work here with me?" Honey asked, genuine excitement laced in her tone. Ever since the two of you first met here at Boobies, you two developed an unlikely friendship. She was pretty ditzy and blockheaded compared to your confident and smart personality. But you didn't mind. She was nice enough, and it was nice to have her to chat with other than the boys. But she would ask you this question every time she saw you. She would rave at how awesome you would be here. "You have the figure for it!" she would exclaim. That may be true, you supposed, but there was no one you had the patience or desire to deal with ogling and pervy aliens. You would probably be fired on the first day for causing bodily harm to a patron.

"Oh, maybe next time, Honey!" You said, giving her a friendly wave and you strode off to the boy's table. "Oi, Qt!"

QT turned to you, and you liked to think that if he had a face rather than a screen he would look relieved. "[Name]!"

"Hey, [Name]," Meow said politely, but without looking up from his phone. Dandy groaned, and you took that as a sign that you had officially ruined the fun. Oh well.

"Why are you here, [Name]?" Qt asked. "Are you done with the shopping already."

"Part way. The ship ran out of gas, and I was hoping you could help me get some more?" You asked. QT agreed and you heard Dandy snicker. "What?"

Dandy took a long drink from his beer. "Nothing," he replied with a shrug that seemed to brush off your very existence.

Your eyes narrowed and you leaned in close to his face. Dandy looked at you, brow quirked upwards in question. You leaned in closer, eyes narrowing further and your brow furrowing into a frown. He leaned back, a creeped out look on his face. Suddenly you reached up and flicked him on the forehead. "Better be nothing," you grumbled.

"Sheesh, what's got your panties in a twist?" Dandy grumbled back at you.

"Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you always dump your chores on her?" Meow questioned in a tone that made it sound as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

You threw your arms up. "Thank you, Meow! See? Someone gets it!" You nudged Dandy's arm. He rolled his eyes and took another gulp of his beer. You growled, and QT interjected.

"[Name]? Should we go? I'd really like to go...Fixing the ship is more fun than being here."

"Agreed," you said.

"Hey, [Name], you got my hair gel right?" Dandy asked as it dawned on him. "You know I can't go without it! The ladies dig the hair, you know."

Meow snickered, looking over his phone. "That must be why you have a girlfriend, right?"

You snickered as well. "Of course it is! You don't see her, Meow?"

Meow gasped. "She must be a new type of invisible alien!"

You laughed, and QT tugged on your arm. " C'mon, [Name]!" You stifled your laughter and intended to work your way through the crowd and back to the ship when your name was screeched across the room.

"[Name]! Oh my heavenly stars - Miss [Name]!"

You turned back around, and your worst fears were realized. "Oh no..." Several feet away was an older man with weathered skin and fluffy, snow white hair. He was regal in his dressings, and to anyone other than you it would seem as though he was the king of another world, coming to grace this establishment with his presence. But, again, you knew better. He was only a high council member. His eyes sparkled and you were almost certain that he would burst into tears of joy. After all, it had been a few years since you had last seen him. It could have been a few more, for your taste.

"Oh, thank the heavens. We found you! I never thought it would be in such a...such a distasteful corner of the galaxy...But we found you!" The man struggled to make his way past the waitresses and passing patrons. He motioned for two two other men to come and help. Time to get away was slimming by the second, but you were stuck in your place. You could feel panic creep its way from your toes and through your veins and strangle your heart.

"Do you know those guys?" Meow asked, all interest in his phone gone.


"Yeah, who are they? Old boyfriends of what?" Dandy questioned. He could never keep it appropriate, even in situations like this.

"I-I need to go...!"

You swatted away QT robotic hand and tried to make your escape. You bumped into a large alien who growled at you. "Move!" You growled. "I need to leave!"

"[Name?" QT asked, worry evident in his simulated voice.

You could have almost burst into tears when you were clumsily embraced by the old man. There was no way that this could have happened! Not today! You were so careful...And now it didn't even matter.


"This...This is where you have been this whole time?" The man asked. He examined the inside of the Aloha Oe with masked distaste, but the way his upper lip curled upwards was a dead give away. He was not impressed.

"Yes," you said. By now you had calmed down. Back at Boobies, after the man embraced you, you had become nearly hysterical. Hot tears streamed down your face and you could not be lulled into clarity. Meow and QT were in shock, and immediately tried to get to you. They shouted their demands to know what was wrong and for the man and these guards to leave you alone. Even Dandy tried to get to you, flaunting his lazer gun at the guards in hopes they would back off. This did not come to fruition. Instead, he was knocked to the ground and out cold with a single left hook. Seeing Dandy slumped over on the floor made you call out for it to stop. You calmed yourself long enough to tell them to follow you to where you had been staying. Under the condition that only talking would go on, and no decisions would be made until everything was out in the open. "Not the entire time I have..been away, but for a while now, yes."

"I see," The man said, folding his hands behind his back. "You've had us worried, Miss [Name]."

"I imagine so," you replied, sitting next to Dandy who was gingerly holding his bruised cheek. You handed him an ice pack. "I guess I just never cared."

The man walked over to you. " I suppose that was to be expected." Each syllable of his words fell perfectly in line with his steps.

"What's going on [Name?]" QT asked, wheeling himself by your side. Meow soon followed, concern on his face. He didn't want to see you upset like you were back at the restaurant.

"You haven't told them?"

You narrowed your eyes at the man. "Tell them? Why would I tell them? They would turn me in for the money, and I just -! I just didn't want to go back," you hissed. You felt guilty for assuming that them - your friends - would turn you in if they knew of your circumstances. Well...Dandy might have, but you couldn't really believe him to be that cold. As far as you knew anyways.

"[Name]..." Meow said, his face drooping into a hurt expression. "You can tell us. We're your friends..."

Dandy leaned into you, sputtering out his next words in haste, "How much money are you worth? Huh? Are you secretly a rare alien species?"

You rolled your eyes and poked his cheek. He yelped in pain, and you didn't feel the least bit guilty about that. In fact, all you felt was that familiar ache in your heart. The kind of ache you get when you know its about to break.

"You will cease talking to Miss [Name] in such a manner!" The old man snapped, the tone of his voice making the guards place their hands on their weapons. " She is the princess of the Exalt [Father's Name]!"

"Princess?!" All three of them roared. You shrunk back in your seat, and refused to make eye contact with anything except the floor. This was not how you wanted them to find out - should that time ever come should this man not have found you.

"Take it easy, Embarr," you mumbled. "They only know me as [Name] and I want it that way."

"A little late for that!" Dandy hollered, getting dangerously close to your face. "You've been a princess this whole time? Why didn't you say so?"

You moved away from him and stood up. "You would have turned me in for the bounty."

Dandy leaned back, holding the ice pack a little more firmly to his cheek. "Well that depends on how much the bounty was."

"Dude, not cool," Meow snapped.

"It's a joke!"

The older man, Embarr, waved his hand sharply. "Enough of this insolence! Miss [Name], you must return home. The eve of your destiny is upon us!" He gaze softened, and he approached you with sincerity and care. He placed his calloused hands on your arms, and the sensation agitated you. He had no right to approach you, much less even look at you. But you remained still, and listened to what he had to say. "Miss Name...your people need you. Your parents need you."

You scoffed. "My people don't need me anymore than my parents need me. They made their decision. They chose tradition - something you told them that needed to be upheld, by the way - over their own daughter. My "destiny" is a joke. I refuse to return home."

Embarr's expression clouded in distraught. It was true that he was an enforcer of tradition for your home planet's court, he still did not wish to see you so hurt and angry. After all, he practically raised you. Your parents were quite involved politically - as it should be, considering they were the rulers over your kingdom - and it meant that they had very little time to spend with you. Embarr knew you doubted their love for you. In a way, his decision for this "destiny" of yours came out of love. He simply wanted you to be loved and taken care of. Currently, he did not see a downside, but the fog was beginning to fade away. It was a beloved fog, as reality was something he did not want to face. He did not want to face the reality that he was the reason you had run away. He considered you to be family - like his daughter - and the thought of causing you pain was something he couldn't bare to live with. So, he fought for that fog.

"What are you supposed to do back on your planet, [Name]?" QT questioned. You looked at him then to Meow and Dandy, your gaze softening. Secrets weren't a luxury you could afford, now.

"I'm supposed to be married. Tomorrow, actually," you explained. Meow and QT voiced their shock, asking a million questions a second, and you struggled to comprehend them. You tried to answer them, stating that it was an arranged marriage since your birth, and that you were to become the new queen of your planet's kingdom. The questions continued, and emotional fatigue was setting in. It caused your heart to itch, and you knew that it was something that you couldn't scratch. It wouldn't go away, no matter what. The weight of the guilt you felt for lying to these boys - these friends of yours - may have been lifted, but it was replaced ten-fold by the weight of reality. You knew that Embarr would not leave this ship without you, and you didn't want to cause your friends any more trouble. When you came to your decision, you had also realized that Dandy was oddly silent. You were sure he would have voiced his shock as well, and at the very least make a snide remark. But none of it left his mouth. Instead, he just stared at you, an unreadable expression on his face. It unnerved you, so you looked away.

"I'll go, but promise me this one favor, Embarr," you began. "Please, allow them to come to the ceremony. They deserve to know who I am. That is, if they are willing to come."

"Yeah!" Meow sniffled. He was trying hard to not cry, since he knew that you would be saying your final goodbyes soon. He became quite attached to you over the time you had spent with him and the others on the Aloha Oe. You appreciated him, and you made him feel important. It was easy for him to say, then, that you were his closest friend. None the less, he didn't want to say goodbye.

QT agreed, as well, and Dandy opened his mouth to say something, but closed him and let out a 'hmph' noise instead.

Embarr agreed to your terms. You told him that you would stay on the Aloha Oe in order to gather your things, but they would follow you to your home planet. He gave you a half smile, bowed to you, and told you how happy your parents will be to see you.

"Yeah," you said passively. You weren't convinced, but as you watched the regal council member leave, you realized that it was inevitable. Being found, that is. The only light-hearted thing about it was that you were found at a breastaurant. "Ridiculous..." you mumbled to yourself.


Meow sniffled as he sat on the couch next to QT. "I can't believe she is leaving us." QT sighed, feeling his hardware struggled to turn inside of him. Perhaps it was a type of emotion? Emotions were frivolous to the little robot, but he really liked you. You kept Dandy in line, and that made you a winner in his book.

Dandy remained silent as he sat in the pilot's chair. Married? he thought. Who would want to get married this young in the game? It was obvious that you didn't want to, but considering that you caved into returning home you must have been willing to do it. Maybe for your people's sake, or maybe for that Embarr guy's sake. Either way, Dandy didn't like it. With you being gone, who was supposed to do his errands?

That's not why you're pissed, buddy, chided the little voice of reason inside his head. It was rare to hear that voice, but it did show up to speak the truth whenever it did. Dandy frowned, and slumped further in his chair. So what if it wasn't? It didn't matter, anyways. She would be out of their lives tomorrow, and he would just have to move on.

It isn't that simple.

"Hey Dandy?"

He didn't look at you. Honestly he was a little startled by your sudden appearance, but he tried to hide it. You held your two bags close to you, feeling their weight get heavier and heavier by the second, even though you knew they weren't heavy at all. You looked down at him, your vision getting misty. You were never good at saying goodbye's. That was obvious, considering you had run away the day you found out about your engagement those several years ago without saying a single goodbye. Perhaps that was different, since you weren't close to anyone other than Embarr at the time. At that time, you felt betrayed. This time around, it was different. These were your friends. They meant the world to you.

"I'm sorry," you said softly. "I should have told you guys, but I just...I just didn't want to go home."

Dandy let out a breath. "Don't worry about it."

"[Name]'s planet is approaching," QT said solemnly. You could hear Meow burst into a wail of sobs. Your heart sank at the pitiful sound. You knew that riding along with these guys was a bad idea from the start. You got attached too easily, and look what has happened...
You looked away from Dandy and swallowed your regrets. As you gazed at your home planet you felt as though it used to be bigger. You could see your planets hazy atmosphere, the colors of the land and seas blended softly together, and resembled watercolor brush strokes. It was beautiful, but you still found it to be ugly from within. It wasn't like your people were corrupt or evil - quite the opposite. Your people were wise and intelligent, strong but passive. It had been several hundred years since there had been any talk of wars or corruption. At least, that's what your private tutors and history books told you. You were inclined to believe them since you were young and didn't know any better.

The Aloha Oe landed close to Embarr's ship in a private landing located south of the main ground of your family's home, or palace rather. Your companions were in awe, but for you it was nothing special. It had stopped being your home a long time ago.

"Shall we go meet your parents, Miss [Name]?" Embarr said with a failed attempt at hiding the cheer in his words.

You sighed and nodded your head. You turned to your friends, a tired smile on your lips. "Shall we?"

Meow and QT scurried after you, buzzing and humming with their questions and exclamations of wonder and excitement. You would think they had forgotten all about you having to leave them. Dandy knew better. He lagged behind by several steps, slouched low and hands in his pockets. This is a load of shit.


The grand hall and thrown room had no proper word of description. If one attempted to describe it, it would be an insult rather that a compliment. It was

Sitting in an extravagant set of throwns were your mother and father, Exalt Heorth and Lady Jaem. Dandy found it hard to believe they were your parents. Sure, you had your mother's bomb figure, but that seemed to be where it ended. Your [h/c]'ed tresses didn't match either of theirs, and your [e/c]'ed eyes only resembled your father's - if you squinted really hard. Oh, well, he supposed.

"Daughter! My daughter [Name]!" Bellowed your father, a wide smile on his face. "Welcome home!"

Your mother's eyes held tears of relief as she gazed upon you. She said nothing, but nothing needed to be said by her. You placed your hands in your pockets and refused to look at them. No joyous embraces were coming your way, no tearful kisses and no words of relief. You wouldn't have accepted them, anyways. But it hurt to know that they weren't coming in the first place. They always had to maintain an image.
"Thank you, Embarr, for finding her," your father said. "Now who are these companions? Did they have her? Are they here for the bounty?"

"No! We're her friends!" Meow sputtered out.

Your father studied them, and then burst into a fit of laughter. "Such odd "friends" you have, my daughter!"

"Don't insult them," you said sternly.

"Alright, alright. Did they want the bounty? I'm feeling quite generous regardless," your father said with a wave of his hand.

"Perhaps time will be better spent if we bring in the young man," Embarr interjected. Your father's grin returned and he nodded in agreement. He gave his orders to his royal guard to bring in the man you were to marry.

You ran your fingers through your hair, your heart thumping in your chest. Anxiety swirled in your veins, making you light headed and your palms sweat. It had been years since you had seen him. The feelings would not be there anymore - at least, on your part. You looked over at Dandy, and you smiled softly. He held your gaze, and you wished you could just run away with him at that very moment.


You looked back at the grand hall entrance. A young man around your age was rushing to be by your side. His eyes were wide, a bewildered look on his face, but as he got closer he began to smile.

"My gods! It is you!" He exclaimed as he embraced you. You carefully placed your hands around his back, trying to give a genuine embrace. He looked so different compared to what you remembered. Of course, you were just children back then. You guessed that time was just funny that way. It always changed things if you didn't watch it carefully.

"Hello, Apollo," you said softly. He held you at arms length, his dazzling grin never leaving his face. "I...I, uh, have missed you."

"And I have missed you," he replied. "It's been so long. I was afraid you were gone forever."

"She just found something better," Dandy remarked, a sneer on his face. He didn't expect to be heard, but regardless he wanted to make his intentions known.

Apollo looked over at him. The storm in his eyes began to brew upon hearing such an insult from a man he had never laid eyes upon. "And who is this?" He questioned, suspicion and distaste in his voice.

"This is Dandy. And those two are Meow and QT," you explained, breaking away from his embrace. "They are my friends. I've been staying with them."

Apollo looked shocked, and for a moment the storm broke to make room for hurt in his expression. "You've been with them this whole time?"

"No, not the whole time."

"I see," Apollo said, his voice soft and almost unheard by those in the room. "I...I hope they have treated you well, [Name]."

You smiled at them, nodding your head. "They have." You held Dandy's gaze once more, before Embarr spoke up.

"Shall we make the preparations for tomorrow evening?"

Your head snapped to your mother and father. Your eyes pleaded with them, and you hoped that would sense your uneasy presence. Somehow you couldn't find the words to plead your case. You didn't want to marry Apollo. He was kind and wise - and you were sure that nothing had changed - but you couldn't do it. Not since meeting your friends, not since meeting Dandy.

"Yes, straight away. Ring the high tower bells to alert the people that [Name] has returned, as well," Your father ordered. "Our daughter is finally home..."

Apollo smiled, and took hold of your hand. "Come, I have so much to show you." He lead you away from Meow, QT, and Dandy. You looked over your shoulder, watching with a broken heart as Meow rubbed his eyes to hide the tears, and QT waving slowly. Dandy was looking down, but you could feel his discomfort. You wanted to scream and pull away from Apollo and run to them. You wanted to cry and apologize for the lies, and you wished you fought harder to not return home. You were such a lousy friend...causing them so much pain. You were torn between believing that you deserved to be happy with them, an that you deserved to be miserable because you had cause them so much heartache. In the end, you could only follow Apollo, your gaze set on his face. He was talking a mile a minute, so excited to show you how things have changed since you left. Please stop, you thought to yourself. You tried to fight the tears, and for now you were showing signs of victory. You couldn't handle this. You didn't want to marry this long lost friend of yours. It was cruel to both you and him. You didn't love him, and for him to not have a wife who did not love him was a horrible thing. You didn't want this, you didn't want him.

You're not Dandy.


Embarr had taken your friends to a room where they would stay until the wedding ceremony. The furnishings were of the highest quality, gorgeous and luxurious, but Dandy found it all to be ugly. He walked out onto the balcony attached to the room, and tried to drown out Meow and QT's voices. It wasn't working well.

"I can't believe we are never going to see [Name] after tomorrow," Meow sniffled. "I don't want her to go."

QT wheeled himself around the room, trying hard to detach himself from the reality of losing a friend. He may have been a robot, but even robots get attached to good people. "I don't we have a say in it. They are being nice enough to let us stay so we can say goodbye, though."

Meow sighed, and sat on one of the couches in the room. "It's not fair. She left them because she didn't even want to get married, so why should she have to now?"

Dandy stared out to the horizon. The sun was beginning it's journey to rest beyond said horizon, and it was bittersweet. One of the shittiest days known to Dandy was coming to an end, but tomorrow would just be even worse. He reflected on the good days, though, the ones he had with you. He didn't really know what made him agree to have you be part of the crew. Maybe he was just in love with the idea of having a sexy girl aboard, one that he could put his moves on. Of course, nothing ever came of that. You made it very clear that you wanted nothing to do with him in that respect. So his was fine with making you his errand girl. But somewhere down the line it became something more than that. You were a friend, and he just needed that. He needed you.

"Hey, where are you going?" Meow asked as Dandy left the balcony and made his way to the door.

"Goin' for a walk."


Your parents had left your room as it was when you had left. Stuffed animals and childish figurines where about the room. Books spread out, open to the last pages you were on in your studies. It was a cold feeling. You sat down on your old bed, feeling the soft fabric beneath your fingertips. You could feel your heart sink in your chest and you knew that you were going to cry. You welcomed it, and let the tears flow freely. You didn't sob, or let out a shaky breath, and that's the worst kind of crying. When you are stuck in your sorrow that you can't even give a full reaction. You just didn't want this.

Your thoughts were shaken when you heard a knock on the door. You wiped your tears, hoping that your makeup hadn't smeared and that your eyes weren't too red or swollen. You wanted to be fine, if only in appearance. Your opened the door, and were shocked to see who was standing before you.


"Hey," he said. He peered into your room for a moment, before looking at you. He could tell that you had been crying, but decided against asking about it. Instead, he moved to get you out of the room, and out of the palace. "Come on."

You frowned. "What?"

Dandy smiled at you, and held out his hand. "I'm gonna take your mind of things, baby."

You didn't hesitate to take his hand. His offer was too good to pass up. You needed this, to be with him. So, you followed him without question.

As you were walking down the hall with him, Embarr and Apollo had appeared, seeming to discuss ceremony matters as the walked. Embarr noticed you and Dandy turning the corner, and thankfully Apollo did not notice. It was at this moment that Embarr came to a decision. He steered Apollo back the way they came. He didn't want even a slight chance of them bumping into you two. What drove him to this decision was that he would be damned if he would let you down again. It was true that in the past he had thought that this arranged marriage was a good idea for you, but now he knew that he was wrong. Embarr only wanted you to be taken care of, for his sake. Your parents, while fine and strong rulers, were not as in-tune with your wishes as he was. You were like his daughter, and he truly wanted the best for you. Apollo was a fine young man, but given how you looked at your friends - how you looked at Dandy - he knew that this would be death for you. And he wouldn't let that happen.


"Where are we going?" You asked.  Dandy had lead you from the Aloha Oe - where you had gotten a couple of surf boards - to a place past the palace grounds. Since you had been away from here for so long it easy to accept that you had no idea where you were going. Things looked and felt so different.

Dandy smiled and pointed ahead of him. "Saw this place from that balcony in the room I was in. Seemed like a good place to escape to."

You looked on ahead, and you smiled as well. It was a vacant, beautiful beach. The sunset had painted the ocean orange and pink along side its blues. The sand sparkled, and suddenly you felt at home for the first time since you arrived.

"You ready?"

"Ready for what?"

Dandy set his surf board down and grinned. "To surf! You know how to surf right?"

You set your board down, and shifted your weight. You didn't want to shrug off his question by saying yes because he would know that you were lying as soon as you stepped into the water. But it was embarrassing to say no because it would be admitting to yourself that you never really had any fun. It was true, though. Growing up here you rarely had a chance to break away from your studies and royal parties and such. You wanted to be a kid for once. But somehow, even when you had left this planet, that never really happened despite your wishes. Old habits die hard.

"No," you replied with a sigh.

"Well you're in luck, baby, 'cause I'm gonna teach ya," Dandy said. "You'll be a pro in no time!"

You laughed a little, and looked over at him. "I doubt it."

Dandy took off his jacket. "With that attitude, sure." He began to take off his shirt, and you didn't bother to look away. You weren't embarrassed to see him strip before you. If you were being completely honest you rather enjoyed it. The light reflected off of his skin, shadowing some places to show his muscle definition. Yes, it was a sight you enjoyed.


You snapped back to reality and looked at him blankly. "Well what?"

Dandy pointed at your clothes. "You can't surf in all of that."

You blushed. You may not have been embarrassed to see Dandy in his boxers, but you were sure as hell embarrassed at the idea of stripping in front of him. "Turn around!" you squeaked.

Dandy chuckled and did as instructed. "No need to be shy, baby. I'm going to see it all eventually."

Pervert, you thought. You took off you shirt and pants, leaving you in your underwear. The cool air from the ocean brushed against your skin, and you shivered. You could only imagine how cold the water would be.

Dandy turned back around and tried hard to hold his drooling tongue in his mouth. He didn't want to ruin anything this evening. This was his last chance to have time with you, and he had to put his lecherous thoughts aside.

"Well, let's get going."


An unknown amount of time had passed since you and Dandy first set foot into the ocean. Dandy had many good laughs as he watched you try to balance yourself on the surf board but fail at each attempt. Eventually he took pity on you and balanced himself on his own board as he helped you steady yourself. He had held your hips and told you the easiest way to get the hang of it. He had to catch himself from holding onto you for too long, though. Dandy didn't want you to get suspicious.

Soon enough you and him were surfing the evening waves, and you knew that this was the best night of your life. Never had you felt so alive, and you couldn't contain your laughter any longer. You felt free, and deep down inside yourself you knew that this must have been Dandy's plan - to make you happy one last time.

The water had started to become colder than appreciated, and the two of you decided to head ashore. The sun had tucked itself away behind the horizon, and your planet's moon had come out to shine its light and to mingle with the countless stars dotting the sky. It was beautiful.

You sighed as you plopped yourself down into the sand. Your legs ached, but it was worth it. You looked over at Dandy, and his expression was clouded over. You frowned, and moved closer to him. "Dandy? Are you okay?"

He didn't reply, and instead ran his fingers through his wet hair. He looked over at you, something that he honestly didn't want to do. He was afraid of what he might see. Dandy's heart sank deep into his chest at the look of worry on your face. He didn't want that. He didn't want his feelings to ruin the night. He just wanted to see you smile one last time, for your sake. Or was it for his sake? He didn't know at this point.

"I'm fine."

"You're lying."

Dandy sighed and looked out at the ocean. "Don't worry about me."

On impulse, you took his hand into yours. You ignored the fluttering in your chest and electric warmth you felt spread through your body. "But I am."

What Dandy did next was something you had expected, but it was beautiful none the less. He kissed you, his free hand placed softly on your neck. The rhythm of his kiss let you know how desperate he was. He needed this, you needed this. You kissed him back with fervor, cursing yourself for not doing this sooner. He pulled away for a second, his lips hovering over yours.

"I'm going to fight for you, baby."

You kissed him, a lone tear falling down your cheek. His words could have so many different meanings, but all of them were sweet just the same. For now, you needed him. You needed to share this passion with him, and you would be damned if you let anything stop you. You ran your fingers through his hair, pulling gently as you laid back in the sand. Dandy followed your movements, resting himself on top of you. It had been such a long time since he felt this emotion, this passion for anyone. He wanted to show you in every possible way, but for tonight, kissing would have to suffice. Anything more threatened to ruin the moment.

You pulled away, and looked into his sweet brown eyes. "You're the greatest thing to have ever happened to me, Space Dandy."

He smiled and flipped his hair out of his face. "I am pretty great, aren't I?"


Morning came far too soon for your liking. You could have stayed on the beach with Dandy forever, but you thought it best to get dressed and head back to the palace as soon as possible - before anyone woke up.

Dandy had parted ways from you as soon as you entered the palace as to not arouse suspicion if there was a chance anyone was awake. You had felt empty as you watched him leave your side, but it was soon forgotten as you heard your name being called out. You turned, and saw Apollo heading towards you.

"Where have you been? I've been looking for you everywhere!"

"I...I, uh, went for a walk," you explained. Apollo accepted this, and told you that you both were late for the rehearsal ceremony.

"We thought it best to rehearse it at least once for this evening, so we know what to expect," he explained. He looked to happy about it for your taste. How could he possibly be excited? He didn't have feelings for you still, did he? Apollo may have been a sweetheart, but it was sickening. Maybe it was cruel to think that way, but you just didn't want this. But before you could say anything, he took your hand and lead you to the grand hall. "Everyone is working so hard to get the decoration and food ready! They are so happy to have you back!"

You resented those words. Everyone should be pissed at you for leaving, not celebrating your return. Besides, you were only getting married because your parents wanted to stop their reign over your kingdom. They had grown tired, and wanted to pass on the responsibility to you and Apollo. So by that standard there should not be any happiness in the palace. At least, that's how you felt.
The grand hall was even more extravagant than it was before. Lights and metallic, glitter accents were methodically placed to highlight your family's royal crest. Everyone had to know that this was your day, the day you would become queen.

You could puke.

Apollo turned to you and smiled. He held onto your hands, his thumbs rubbing soft circles in your palms. "I've missed you."

You looked to the ground, hoping he would - at the very least - sense your apathetic aura. You didn't want to hurt him, since he had once been your childhood friend. But all you could think about was Meow and QT and Dandy. You needed them. You loved them.

"Haven't you missed me?" Apollo asked, his voice soft and laced with hurt. He lifted your chin, and looked deep into your eyes.

"Yea," you said. You did but you didn't. You missed how simple things were between the two of you before you were told that you were to marry. But you outgrew him. You didn't need him anymore. Maybe that was cruel, but you felt at peace about this resolve. "I just -"

"I'm glad," he interjected. He smoothed the hair out of your face, his smile returning to his face. "Soon you and I will be together forever, and you can forget about your troubles."

You frowned. "What troubles?"

"Those companions of yours. You've been with them out of pity have you not? They are lowly bounty hunters. A princess of your esteem should not -"

You pulled away. "Don't talk about them like that. As far as I'm concerned they are family. My real family."

Apollo stepped closer to you, trying to reach out to you. "Surely you don't mean that. What about me? Your parents? Embarr?"

"You stopped being my family when you betrayed me."

Apollo looked confused. "Betrayed you...? How...How did we betray you?"

Maybe 'betray' was a poor choice of words, but that's what it felt like. You resented your parents since you had the capacity to reason. You were their trophy, Embarr would just maintain your appearance, and Apollo was a simple adornment. When you were told by everyone that you were to marry Apollo - for the kingdom, for tradition, they had said - you knew that this planet was your new prison. How dare they try to decide your future! It was insulting, after all what year was it? The age for arranged marriages had long since passed a far as you were concerned. It was petty and old fashioned.

"By trying to decide my future."

"That's just -"

"You alright, [Name]?"

You turned around, a sigh of relief leaving your lips. "Dandy!"

Dandy, Meow, and Qt were making their way to you, a look of concern on their faces. They could tell you were agitated. Beyond agitated, actually.

"I'm fine," you replied. It was a total lie, but you were hoping that with them here Apollo would drop the conversation. Unfortunately, he did not.

"[Name], we need to go," Apollo said, taking hold of your wrist. You pulled back, and stood your ground.

"I'm not going anywhere."

"[Name] -"

Dandy stepped in, placing himself between you and Apollo. "She said she wasn't going anywhere."

Apollo glared down at Dandy. How dare this commoner interfere. "This doesn't concern you, bounty hunter."

"It does, actually," Dandy replied. "You see I just can't leave a damsel in distress."

"A 'damsel in distress?' Is that all she is?" Apollo questioned. You frowned, looking back and forth between him and Dandy. His question didn't make sense to you - why would he ask something like that? Maybe it had deeper meaning than you realized. Dandy caught on to him better than you did, though.

Dandy clenched his hands into fists. He's testing me, the prick, he thought. "She's more to me than she ever was to you!"

Apollo sneered at him. "How dare you! You don't even know her like I do!"

"Prove it!"

They were in each other's faces, and you - Meow and QT included - were afraid they were about to throw punches. You all tried to interject and calm them down, and eventually Apollo stepped back and crossed his arms.

"Her favorite color is [color] and she loves sweets. She loves to read - especially romance novels. Her birthday is [mm/dd] and she is a [star sign]," Apollo explained proudly.

You bit you lip to hold back a scoff. Is that really all he knew about you? As pathetic as it was, it was enough to out do Dandy's knowledge of you. At least, that's what you feared.

Dandy growled, and shoved his hands in his pockets. He didn't have facts about you like that. All he could think of was more intimate ways he knew you. He almost didn't want to say them, as he would be admitting to himself that he had deep feelings for you. But he remembered the kiss you two shared, and what he said to you:

"I'll going to fight for you, baby."

He couldn't give in to this idiot. So he let the words flow:

"She...She likes to dance! When she listens to music she dances a little to it. She thinks that no one is watching but...Anyways, when she reads she bites her lip when she's stuck on what she is reading. She always reads the ending of the book first, too! She has a short temper, but always makes up for it. She's nice like that...She covers her mouth when she laughs because she's nervous about her smile. But it's a great smile! She keeps things to herself even though she knows there's people who care about her. She can be the most frustrating, stubborn person, too! She can't do everything by herself! But she..." Dandy trailed off, looking at you. "[Name]'s the best friend a dandy crew can have. And you are just a dick!"

Meow was sniffling by your side, and QT promised that if he could grin he would have been.

"It's true, [Name]!" Meow cried. "We need you!"

Apollo looked at you all in shock. He was left without words, but he was no fool. He could tell that they cared about you. Perhaps...even more so than he did.

"I was right."

All of you turned your gaze to Embarr, who walked up to your group. He had a peaceful expression on his weathered features, his hands folded behind his back. "You chose good company, Miss [Name]."

Apollo moved to question his words with intense distaste, but Embarr raised his hand, effectively silencing him.

"Please, come with me Miss [Name]," Embarr said, and by his soft yet firm tone you new that you could not refuse. You could never refuse to listen to this man in the end. He was more of a father to you than your biological father was. You followed after him, and Embarr placed his arm around your shoulders.

"I suggest you and your crew head back to your ship, Mister Space Dandy."


Embarr lead you to a place away from the hustle and bustle of the grand halls. No one questioned it, as he was a high council member. They assumed you were receiving, well, council.

"When you were born, Miss [Name], I was instructed to say a prayer in your favor as I had been a high priest at the time," Embarr spoke. His voice was solemn and resolved. "A prayer for prosperity, strength, and freedom of the spirit to be precise." He looked at you, a smile on his lips. "I through in my own part to it as I washed you. I prayed that no one would crush those wishes - those facts about you."

You smiled a pitifully solemn smile, taking this man's hand into your own. "And it has always been appreciated."

Embarr tightened his fingers around your palm. He knew what he was doing. This was the only way. He knew that you were his world, always had been. When he was instructed to be your teacher, your guide and your confidant, he knew that there was no way he could just consider you as a princess. Given in his younger years he was sworn in as a priest, he could not marry, as was tradition on your planet. At the time he was fine with it, and he never thought twice about that decision in all of his years. And then you were born, and something in him changed.

He had seen your parents throughout their reign. They were decent people in every respect, but he knew that you - their only child - would not receive parental affections like other children would, royalty or not. So he said the prayer as instructed, and secretly vowed to take care of you. You would be his child, if only in thought. Embarr would strive to give you what you deserved. He would let no harm come your way. That's why it was devastating to tell you, on the eve of your birthday no less, that you were to marry your friend Apollo. Apollo was in every right a fine young man of royal blood. His family had been priests and priestesses for many generations, and your parents were pleased to announce such an arrangement. In the end, you did not have a say. That's what put the fire out in your eyes, and ever since that night Embarr never forgave himself. It was his insistence that gave the arrangements fruit, and he could not deny that. He knew better. You were a free spirit, prosperous in all duties of life, and you and strength like no other child he had seen. And yet despite all of that you had felt very out of control. Outside forces controlled every move you made, causing detrimental harm to the core of your soul. Perhaps that's why you left. No, he knew that's why you left. To be free. No blame was given from him, and only guilt resided in his heart. What a terrible thing a father could do, to destroy the hopes of your child.

"You are my daughter," Embarr stated. "You always have been. I never want you to think otherwise."

A tear left a path on your cheek before falling onto your hands that still grasped Embarr's. It melted into the crevices of your skin, somehow sealing the bond between you two. You were his daughter, and you would die before you would say otherwise.

"That is why," he began, "I have to let you go."

Your eyes widened in shock. "What...What are you saying?"

"There's not a lot of time to explain. Apollo will be looking for us soon enough, and you need to be gone before then," Embarr explained. His voice became hushed and he turned you away from the busy sounds in the grand hall. "I was a fool to believe that this was best for you. And after seeing the way that bounty hunter - that man - looks at you, the way he knows you...I knew that you were in good hands."

"Embarr - "

The sense of urgency in his voice could not be diminished nor denied. "You must go. The south corridors are vacant, and you must take the exit by the priest's prayer room. Run to Dandy's ship, and you must warp out of here!"

Your mind was swimming. This was surreal, and you wondered for a second if you were actually dreaming. "But...But I can't - What about Apollo? What about you?"

Embarr let out a passive laugh. "I will speak to Apollo, and as for me? You needn't worry about this old man. I have had my prayers answered by getting to see your face once more, and I know that you will be in good hands. You needn't worry at all."

You turned to him, and smiled. Tears were in your eyes, and your palms were shaky. You kissed his forehead, and whispered your thanks. "Thank you, father."


"Why did we have to go the ship?" Meow asked. Before anyone could answer you burst into the main room, breathless.

"We need to warp!"

Dandy looked at you in complete bewilderment. "Wha -"

"Start the ship and warp!"

QT buzzed on over to the controls and started up the ship. Deeps in his circuits and hard-drive he was relieved. You didn't have to stay

In a matter a minutes you all were in warp drive and far away from your home planet. To say that you felt free was an understatement.



Embarr didn't bother to turn to face Apollo. He watched the horizon with total peace, and he wanted to savor it one last time.

Apollo joined his side, a look of worry and despair on his face. "Where's [Name]?"

Embarr sighed, and finally turned to face him. By now you were long gone, so it was safe to allude to where you were. "Where she was always meant to be."

It dawned on Apollo that very second. His expression discarded the worry and fell deeper into despair. "She's...She's gone, isn't she?"

"She's free, Apollo."

"But....I wanted her back."

Apollo placed his hands on the boy's shoulders. He looked deep into his eyes, feeling the hurt he was feeling for just a moment. Eventually Embarr offered him a piece of wisdom:

"We cannot own what never belonged to us."


After a joyous reunion and an explanation for your sudden demands to leave the planet, things had died down, and eventually Meow and QT said their goodnights. It was just you and Dandy.

You sighed, smoothed the hair out of your face, and looked over at him. He was smiling , slumped in his seat, legs stretched out in front of him. You strode over to him, a smile becoming wider and wider with each step.

"You know, if it wasn't for what you said to Apollo, Embarr wouldn't have stepped in."

Dandy shrugged. "I would have ran off with you anyways."

"Oh really?"

He pulled you down into his lap, lips dangerously close to yours. "I can never lie to you, baby."

"You better not, pompadour."

With the kiss you two shared next, it only affirmed the fact that the only "destiny" going on was that you two had finally felt where you belonged - with each other.

"So...when do get to, you know, see it all?"

So this was a total of 30 pages (mostly due to spacing) and 9,405 words. Shit, right?

Anyways, this was purely an idea that I needed to finish, and I'm pretty pleased with it soooo I decided to share it with the masses. The plot is a little...unconventional, I suppose? I made Dandy a little bit more serious, so I apologize if that is too out-of-character. Writing humorous stories is wayyyy out of my comfort zone. *sobs*

Dandy is just so DANDY. Ugh. Perf.

The only characters I own are Embarr and Apollo. If I could have gotten away with random characters for their parts I would have, but the parts they play require substance. I regret nothinggggg~

Please enjoy!

[EDIT - July 27, 2014] As of 4:33 p.m., this little fic has had 2,191 views! I never thought it would get this many! You beautiful human beings that take the time to read through this bring me so much joy that I can't even begin to express it properly. ALL MY FEELS. You guys are awesome. Thank you.
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